What to do with China and Russia in the future …

Joe Biden’s disastrous America Last policy has brought much profit … for America’s enemies. These measures will have to be toned down once Biden resigns – ideally with the election of a Republican president in 2024.

The two biggest enemies are, of course, China and Russia. Yes, grassroots patriots are rightly concerned about Iran in the face of this regime’s genocidal ambitions, but Russia and China have the greatest ability to harm America, and Biden’s policies enable them. The thing is, we’ve long known what to do, but George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and even Donald Trump never paid their full attention to these foreign policy imperatives.

We’ve talked about our troops deserving better than Bill Clinton’s cuts, Bush’s negligence, Obama’s bungling, and a distracted Trump. Our failure to keep our military adequately funded, equipped and with a force structure capable of fighting Russia and China will continue under Biden. Remember, waging war is a bad option – and only being used when it is worse not to act. But what can you do other than wage a great war? Let’s look at each of these potential opponents.


In a way, Trump – the alleged Russian puppet if the hysterical claims of “serious” left media outlets are to be believed – actually held Russia in check with a two-front “war”. First, he boosted American oil and natural gas production and lowered the prices of these raw materials with the resulting strategic advantages. Second, he also fought to prevent Germany from further geopolitical compromises over Russia’s gas pipeline.

In short, if you want to strategically paralyze Russia without war, you are increasing American energy production. It worked in the 1980s when the Saudis kicked off their oil production (see Peter Schweizer’s victory), and it worked under President Trump. What will also help is to strengthen our armed forces – and move them to Poland instead of Germany. Strykers and an airborne force won’t stop a horde of Russian tanks – armored and mechanized infantry with heavy support from A-10 Thunderbolt II close-range support aircraft.


When it comes to China, another natural resource needs to be tapped. Currently, much of the rare earth metals – and the refining process – is under the control of ChiCom. That could change, especially on the main Marcus Island vein. But it can’t just stop there. We must at least hold China accountable for covering up the first outbreak, regardless of the origin of the coronavirus.

But the best way for America to get a settlement from China is to get involved in a massive naval, aerospace buildup and bring manufacturing back to the United States as well. (Biden’s naval budget does just the opposite.) In particular, we need to cut off China’s maritime links, especially for oil from the Middle East. Former President Trump is right in asking China to pay, but we shouldn’t take ChiCom blood money from the Uyghur genocide. The better way to get $ 10 trillion in reparations is to deny them from China in the first place.

The fact is that Russia and China pose dangerous threats to the United States. However, both have serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited – and the post-Joe Biden president will have to do so because, compromised as he is, he certainly will not.

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