Top 10 Best Project Management Tools

When running a business, it is important for the business to make sure that you are using the right systems to keep the business on the right track. There must be good communication between employees and between the organizations and their customers. One way to achieve this is by investing in appropriate project management tools. Unlike traditional forms of communication like emailing a document and a to-do list, which can be hectic and stressful, a good project management tool and the right staff helps keep everything organized and the work done works is done well and on time.

10 of the best project management tools:

1. Base camp

Base Camp is rated as one of the best project management tools out there. This is because the application allows you to work and interact faster and more efficiently with both your colleagues and customers. The Best Camp application allows you to create as many projects as possible. Manage conversations among employees, scheduling meetings, to-do lists and project files. Another advantage of the base camp is the fact that you can install it on your phone and see the progress of the project anytime, anywhere.

2. Trello

Trello is a must-have tool if you want a platform where you can organize all the documents related to your project on one page for easy access. You can create your ideas in the form of cards or even to-do lists that everyone in the project can participate in.

3. Teamwork projects

A teamwork project is an app that allows you to manage work within the same group of people. You can share the documents, edit the project and keep all the necessary documents in the same file so that everyone can easily access them. This application is essential to keep track of the work of the employees and therefore you can see and track the entire project via a highlighted calendar and also set up a reporting system.

4. Zoho projects

If you are looking for management tools to help you track and manage your projects from start to finish, Zoho Projects is the best solution for you. This is because it consists of all of the features like google apps, bug tracking, wikipedia pages setup and dropbox, all of which are essential for preparing a center for collecting data and information.

5. Active collaboration

This is another management tool that every business must consider installing. The application has also been updated to a brand new version 5.0 which is more powerful and useful in managing projects. The functions of the application include task management, time recording and expenses such as import costs. One of the great things about this app is that it has a billing feature that allows the company to keep track of how the money is being spent. You can also use money transfer platforms like PayPal and credit cards to receive payments.

6th Jira

This application is suitable for people who are involved in software development as they are able to identify and monitor all error systems and from there the team can see every problem that occurs and the time it takes to process the related Tasks expended, cope with.

7. Asana

If your company needs a management tool that can help you keep track of the work of everyone involved in a given project, Asana is the best tool. This particular app has great features like dashboards, conversations and projects to help you organize work and easy to read. The other great thing about Asana is that you can download the app to your Android and iOS phones so you can easily keep track of your work anytime, anywhere.

8th podium

Podio is one of the best tools for your business when you need a tool to help you communicate and organize your work within the company. This app gives you the ability to re-create and personalize the app to suit your business needs. You can also use the app to save your files and create a network to connect all employees within the company and exchange information.

9. Liberated camp

Freed Camp is a management tool that you can use to plan and manage your projects efficiently. The app consists of a dashboard function that allows you to see all of your work on the same page. Some of the areas in which you can use this app in your company also include creating invoices and creating wiki pages.

10. Wrike

This app helps you work on a budget and complete your tasks at the right time. With the app, you can set up the Google Apps, Microsoft Excel and Dropbox applications for your company. Also, you can use the app to recreate your emails and make them more efficient by turning them into a system tray.


When choosing a management tool to run your business, it is important that you choose the one that will help you run your business smoothly and make your job easier.

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