Happy Lemon Franchising in the Philippines

Happy Lemon was founded in Shanghai, China, in 2006 and has now grown to over a thousand stores in Asia and many parts of the world. It even reached the US and the UK.

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In the Philippines, Happy Lemon is partly owned by former professional basketball player and now TV presenter Chris Tiu.

Chris Tiu and friends bring Happy Lemon to PH

While looking for a milk tea business overseas to bring to the Philippines, Tiu and friends finally found one on a trip to Hong Kong: Happy Lemon. The group opened its first branch in November 2010.

The brand has grown in the Philippines and has opened various branches in Metro Manila, other parts of Luzon such as Pampanga and Cagayan, and even as far as Davao in Mindanao.

Happy Lemon franchise costs

If you would also like to run your own Happy Lemon Store as a franchise, you can contact the group on their Facebook page Happy Lemon Philippines or their Twitter account @HappyLemonPH.

The franchise fee and processes are unknown, but you can inquire directly if you are interested.

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The Hong Kong parent company is more transparent in its fees and processes.

According to the Happy Lemon official website, the estimated initial investment for a new store is $ 165,000 (PHP 7.9 million). However, the final investment will depend on what type of business you choose and how big it will be.

Steps towards the Happy Lemon franchise

Step 1. Complete the online application form on their website. Franchisees do not need to be experienced, but you do need to have management or business experience to apply as a territory developer.

Step 2. Wait for a Happy Lemon representative to call so you can discuss the franchise further.

Step 3. If you pass the initial screening, there will be another interview to discuss the details of the franchise and your business proposal.

Step 4. You will receive the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). You have a month to study the FDD before you sign up for it.

Step 5. Wait for final approval. It takes approximately 30 to 60 days for an applicant to be admitted.

Step 6. Once your franchise application is approved, you and a designated branch manager should attend the training program in Taipei, China for approximately 2 weeks.

Step 7. Pay the franchise fees and start building your shop.

Step 8. Once your business is done, a senior member of the Happy Lemon team will fly to the Philippines for a 2-week on-site training course for your team.

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Step 9. Open your shop. The senior staff will stay for up to a month to oversee the opening and ensure that the store runs smoothly.

Step 10. You can continue to receive e-learning courses from Happy Lemon even after senior executives go home.

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