Global service that changes the lives of young girls around the world by sharing God’s love

Global service enables women to share God’s love with others around the world.

International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) was founded in 1986 and seeks to advance God’s kingdom by providing local churches with the tools they need to grow.

But the organization also started a women’s initiative during the COVID pandemic. In one year, the ministry helped victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, prostitution, substance abuse, gang violence and poverty.

ICM President Janice Rosser Allen told CBN’s Prayer Link that the organization chose to create a resource for women because so many of them are being devalued around the world.

“We began to see the stories of transformation in these women’s lives as they became involved in churches, and they began to hear the message of hope contained in the good news,” Allen said. “We really felt compelled to share the stories of these women who couldn’t share their stories and to raise awareness of what God is doing around the world to uplift women around the world spiritually, economically and emotionally. “

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Allen spoke about a woman named Karen from Zambia, Africa, who overcame a traumatic experience but found hope in God’s relentless love.

“I was so touched by her story,” said Allen. “In Zambia, when poor families need more resources, it is common for them to sell sexual favors from their daughters when they are of legal age, and that happened to Karen. She was pregnant and just felt that God had called her to continue her education and to continue their place in the Church. “

Allen went on to explain that Karen’s baby’s father was upset when she told him she didn’t want to be one of his many wives. So he hit her, which caused the baby to die.

“It was just this terrible situation, but when I heard Karen’s testimony, she believed that despite the horrors she went through, God had a plan for her life. Karen is now a pastor and she sets herself up as a role model for” the young girls in their village and say ‘You can be more.’ “

Allen concluded by highlighting how women like Karen are changing the narrative and future of many young girls.

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