5 things you should keep in mind during the Impftages

Ill each year tens of thousands of different diseases that could by a simple vaccination can be prevented. Due to lack of knowledge about vaccines or due to the unavailability of vaccines People however, are often hospitalized and some even die.

According to experts, vaccination is the best way to protect our body against these diseases. Since the end of 2019, when the Covid-19 pandemic first appeared, everyone understood the real need for vaccination of us. Hundreds and thousands of people died while several other million people were infected with the deadly virus that has scarred for life.

The whole world came to a complete standstill. Soon we understood that effective vaccines against Covid-19, the bid is the hour. People began to compare this coronavirus with the Spanish flu, which occurred about 100 years ago and has killed millions around the world. This time something was different though, now we are in the 20th century and science has made great strides that eventually helped us develop several vaccines at breakneck speed.

Currently, most of the countries around the world have started vaccinating their citizens, while few of the countries have vaccinated most of their population, many of the countries have only vaccinated 1% of their population.

In any case, many are not vaccinated and may have some confusion regarding the vaccinations. This article therefore is aimed at those who want to be vaccinated soon. Below are the few clues that can greatly help them;

Vaccines are safe:

If you have some confusion about the safety of vaccination, this is the perfect time to this confusion tackle. Please note that a vaccine is subjected to pre-approval rigorous tests to ensure that it is safe and effective. That’s not all, most of the time, members of regulators inspect the sites where vaccines are supposed to be made to make sure the vaccine manufacturers are following the guidelines.

Once a vaccine is approved, the competent authority continues to monitor its use to ensure that no safety concerns. In addition, vaccines can have like any drug side effects. These side effects, however, are mild in most cases and disappear quickly, severe and long-lasting side effects of vaccines are rare.

Things you need to do before you get the jab:

You might be wondering what I need to do prior to vaccination? According to doctors and experts a few things need to be considered before a vaccination.

Avoid smoking: Generally, smoking is harmful to health. Smoking before vaccination can greatly affect various vaccines the antibody response. So it’s a good idea to avoid smoking before you get your vaccination.
Avoid drinking alcohol: It’s no secret that alcohol is generally not healthy. It is advisable to stop 3-4 days before vaccination with drinking, as this may weaken our body’s response to the vaccine. The same must be followed after you have received your jab.
Sleep: It is important to get six hours of sleep during the week prior to vaccination. As you know, a well-rested body is better prepared for the shock.

Can I become infected with the virus me even after receiving the vaccine:

Although the vaccines against Covid-19 are effective, a small percentage of vaccinated can still be infected. These infections are, however, called the vaccine breakthrough cases. In such cases, the severity of the infection should be significantly less and the infected person may not even show symptoms.

Complete your vaccination:

Please inform yourself about your Impfserien. If you have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna, it is extremely important that you take your second dose. Vaccines like Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik V only consist of one dose, if you choose this all you have to worry about is your vaccination appointment.

not show your vaccination certificate in social media:

Please note that your vaccination record may consist of your personal data can be stolen by identity thieves. So before posting the picture of your vaccination card on social media, be extremely careful and make sure that your personal information is masked or obscured.

So we mentioned the five things you should keep in mind during the Impftages. We hope this article has helped you to dispel myths associated with the Covid-19 vaccination. Now we ask only urgent to get vaccinated as soon as possible, because the only way you can protect yourself from the virus.

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